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Karen Thompson:
Crocheting Through Grief and To Honor Family
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Dealing with family deaths, thanks to crocheting skill
Karen D. Thompson, crochet artist and founder of Hooksations, teaches her granddaughter, Janayah Thompson, the joys of and crocheting.
This is not your grandmother’s crochet. But that depends on your grandmom. When thinking of crochet one may picture yarn, sweaters, scarves and mittens. But crochet is a form that goes beyond string, where artisans make bracelets and necklaces out of metal and hats from paper, using stitch and pattern as a form of expression.For 40 years Karen Thompson has crocheted. It has helped her deal with the murder of a son. The death of a mother. Crochet is a bonding experience — a way to connect with her youngest of three grandchildren.“Hooksations” is Thompson’s mobile boutique. Everything there, the stylish ...
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